Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can't see the forest through the trees.

I have always loved that phrase. It was one of my parents favorites, especially in regards to the federally declared disaster area that was my bedroom. :)

Recently, though, I have found a new, fitting situation for the application of that phrase. The book club to which I belong recently attempted to read a title written by Laurie R King. "The Art of Detection." Two ladies made it through to the end, one made it halfway, I only made it 34 pages into the first chapter, which happened to be 51 pages long.

I write. And, obviously, I am one very wordy woman. However, the first chapter sets the tone for the rest of the novel. Even in short stories, the first chapter establishes the reader into the story. In the case of this novel, I could not see the story through the words. Narrative overkill suffocated my mind with a pillow of verbiage until it fell into a dark realm of unconsciousness. (Prime example of narrative overkill in that sentence. LOL.) This was a murder mystery, and after 34 pages, the detective and I had still not arrived at the location of the body.

The next title chosen is one which my favorite SAHM and I have wanted to read for a while now, and I am entirely looking forward to the crafty enjoyment. Gregory Maguire's "Confessions of an Ugly Step-sister."

Kendra and I have both read "Wicked," which made us actually feel pity and sorrow for the Wicked Witch of the West. I cannot wait to learn how Mr. Maguire has twisted the Cinderella story around.

Anyone wishing to join in discussion of this title, please feel free to leave a comment.

I'll leave off this one with many fewer words than my prior posts, so that the readers can actually reach the end without frustration. Bon soir, ma petit!